Just chugging along

So now I have started a business...the problem is...Now what?  I have been crafting my whole life, and on and off, made some sales and enjoyed a nice little ride.   Making things was not a hobby for me, it was a way of life.  With the decision to grow this way of life of mine to grow so that it can pay the bills, along comes stress, difficult decisons, and the need for increased time management.  This has been an interesting journey so far.  It is a long road, but even the longest of journeys starts with a single step. (Interesting what I did there...for my scouter friends, consider this a tribute to the Barefoot Mailman this weekend!! For my non-scouter friends, our scouts and leaders will be on a 35 mile-ish hike this weekend....all starting with a singe step!)

As for this business, where does this all lead me?  Time will tell.  Wherever the road leads, I am glad to have some people along for the ride...sharing my struggles and accomplishments, and share some pearls of wisdom as we go. 

Today's pearls of wisdom...keep an open mind.  I have been trying different angles with the product, venues, and schedule.  Discovering new things, being available for new experiences, and engaging different people will be valuable.  And it makes it so much more enjoyable too!  Life is definitely not boring when you approach life like this.  As I have told my children for years - "Life is not a state of mind; it is the state of not using your mind."  When you are open to try something new, coupled with using your creative mind, the sky is the limit....and you are never bored!  :)

Making the world a work of heART,




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